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UX Consultant & UR Trainer

Training & Virtual Classes For User Experience Designers & User Researchers

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There Is A Reason Why User Experience Designers & User Researchers Get Mentors...

It Makes THEM Better...

It Makes YOU Better...

Hello, my name is Vince Nardone and I am A UX Consultant & UR Trainer Providing Online User Experience Design & User Research Classes.

With over 15 years of experience to offer, I can mentor and help you improve.

Learn real world skills that will help you survive.

Whether you run a business or want to gain more UX skills, my classes are a good place to start.

I provide professional classes and 121 training covering a wide range of User Experience Design, User Research and Web Usability related topics.

Vince Nardone

Vince Nardone

UX Consultant & UR Trainer

Are you looking to learn User Experience Design or User Research?

Regardless of your background, you can become a User Researcher.

Book a class with me, save money on expensive courses and learn at your own pace.

How Do You Become A Good User Researcher?

Passion, Patience And Practice.

I Can Show You How.


UR Fundamentals

UR Fundamentals

Virtual Class

  • 5 Modules
  • 1 Hour Per Module
  • Context Of Use
  • Environment Profiles
  • User Profiles
  • Red Routes
  • User Experience
  • £20 Per Module
  • £100 All Modules
  • First Class Free!

Book Class

Prototype Testing

Prototype Testing

Virtual Class

  • 5 Modules
  • 1 Hour Per Module
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Setting KPIs
  • £20 Per Module
  • £100 All Modules
  • First Class Free!

Book Class

Workshop Tips

Workshop Tips

Virtual Class

  • 5 Modules
  • 1 Hour Per Module
  • UX Strategy
  • Planning & Discovery
  • Research Methods
  • Design Methods
  • Testing & Validation
  • £20 Per Module
  • £100 All Modules
  • First Class Free!

Book Class

Who Are The Classes For?

  • Anyone who wants to move from their current job role to a career in User Experience or User Research
  • UX Designers and User Researchers who want to demonstrate their knowledge of techniques, methods and core concepts in user experience
  • Developers who want to learn techniques for designing more engaging systems
  • Scrum Masters and Project Managers who want a full lifecycle process to ensure users are involved in their project
  • Business Analysts who want effective tools for communicating requirements of users

What Can I Learn?


Implement A Proven, Ucd Framework Based On Usability Standards


Create Personas, Red Routes, User Stories And User Journey Maps


Choose Correct Schemes For Organising And Classifying Information


Develop Throwaway, Cheap Prototypes To Get Rapid Feedback From Your Users


Create User Interfaces That Exploit The Universal Principles Of Visual Design


Evaluate The Usability And Moderate Usability Tests By Applying Usability Heuristics

Who Is The Trainer?

Vince Nardone

I am a UX Consultant & UR Trainer Providing Online User Experience Design & User Research Classes.

I can also lead or facilitate multi-disciplined agile teams to design user focused products and services.

My 15 years of experience in many industries....

  • UK Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Finance & Gaming
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Sports
  • IT, Radio & Television

I have trained many different types of people, from Project Managers, Business Analysts, Product Owners to User Researchers. The majority of these people work in UK Government and are either looking to learn the subject or have been looking to make a career change into User Research.

I train in the real world use of User Research. My knowledge and wisdom helps students to gain a much better understanding of the practice and take that forward.

What Are My Methods?


I use the following cycle of principles for performing any user experience design or user research work...

• Plan the IDEA
• DESIGN the product
• TEST the experience
• LEARN from observing
• Do it all over again.



Let me teach you how to talk about your IDEA and see how you can balance business and customer / user requirements.

Learn how to plan the strategy and research steps that will enhance crucial business KPIs; Increase Revenue, Decrease Costs, Gain New Customers, Retain Existing Customers, Increase Shareholder Value.



Let me teach you how to collaborate on your idea and see how your team can DESIGN something that fulfills customer / user requirements.

Learn how to work on the design as a team and try to validate all of the assumptions up front.

I can help you plan workshops and design sprints that will produce valuable insight and help the team understand what they are working on.



Let me teach you how to TEST your idea with users / customers and see how effective, efficient and satisfactory the design is.

Learn how valuable insights can refine the design and create a better experience next time round.

I can help you plan participant recruitment and a usablity testing process that will produce valuable insight, helping the team understand what needs to be changed.



Let me teach you how to LEARN how to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of the design with users / customers.

Learn to work together to refine the design and create a better experience to prevent any scope creep developing later in the project.

I can help you learn from testing results and find the pain points as well as helping the team iterate on designs.


”Vince is an inspiring trainer. He conveys his depth of knowledge in creative and engaging ways to motivate you. He is passionate about user research and is good at what he does. I highly recommend.”

Bex M, Engagement Officer

”Useable examples of what to do in both school and work settings. Went over things when I had problems and really explained things well. Follow up email to come! Thanks! I really enjoyed it! :)”

Hannah D, School Teacher

”Thank you for incredibly interesting, beneficial and highly practical classes. You really get what user researchers come up against and give us effective, new strategies to implement in our teams and workplaces. ”

Joan W, Junior User Researcher

” Knowledgeable and engaging presenter - thank you Vince. Brilliant classes and a great learning opportunity for me to try new methods and ideas out in my role. Well organised. Excellent useful content.”

Dominic W, UX Designer

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