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0 Why UX Governance is Critical To Company Success

Why UX Governance is Critical To Company Success

UX is not a new field. You would think that it is by the way people are talking about it! Users, user journeys, wireframes, prototyping, etc...

But "talk is cheap" and "actions speak louder than words". "Do! There is no try" and we have to start catering for ever increasing customer/user expectations today.

Companies will continue to struggle to cater for customers/users. They will be impatient, time starved and increasingly too busy to fit you into their lives.

Agile Release Train

The train needs to deliver at the end of the planning period but what is actually on the train? Is it bringing user value and business KPI benefits? Are we delivering the best user experience or are we just delivering something we will "have a look at later"?

Output not Outcome

The problem is that companies will mostly be focused on delivery (Output), but it is the job of UX professionals to advise on best practices (Outcome). Some may or may not get followed due to "constraints" be that technical, political or otherwise.

The results is a "compromised" user experience (Outcome) led by technology and development. These limitations will be hard for companies to overcome.

Why does this happen? It happens because there is no UX Governance. There is no authority at the correct altitude for change to affect.

5 KPI Benefits Of UX

  • Increasing Revenue - more user adoption, more conversions, more sales
  • Decreasing Costs - save time and resources on development
  • Retaining Existing Customers - Keeping your users happy helps them come back
  • Gaining New Customers - Good on-boarding experiences and simple user journeys
  • Increasing Shareholder Value - The brand experiences popularity provoking interest

The companies that are able to adjust to a user centred way of working will be ahead of the competition.

Levels of UX Governance

  • Non-existent - There are no UX people in the company
  • Existant - There are one or two UX people in the company
  • Established - There is a UX team in the company
  • Governed - This is a UX lead company

It is only at levels 3 and 4 that any kind of user experience practice will have the authority for change to affect.

At levels 1 and 2 the company will be focused on delivery, your efforts are limited by the time needed to deliver and the user experience will be limited too.

What level is the company where you are working at?

Of course in time we will see more companies adopt a UX Governance, but in the meantime while companies struggle with the change the market for UX has never been so much in demand.

Hopefully we will see more companies start adopting a UX Governance as a critical business function.

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