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0 How To Perform User Research Online

How To Perform User Research Online

Vince Nardone

User Research Online


How do you perform User Research remotely?

User Research is best performed within the proximity of real users because you get to see the behaviours and emotions away from the screen.

When you cannot get to users physically, how can you perform User Research?

Fortunately there are ways around this and although these methods and tools are all online, you will have to accept that workshops and sessions will not have that human interaction element. Some things will be lost but you have to make the most of what you can.

Collaborate Online

Online collaboration is now a top priority for businesses, so User Researchers must adapt to new ways of working.

Even though you are not able to be in the presence of the user, there are ways to perform interviews, run moderated usability tests and gather insights. Here are some tools that can help...

User Research Tools

  • One Note - Good Dictation Feature
  • Google Jamboard - Collaborative Whiteboarding
  • Evernote - Great Tagging Feature
  • Skype - A Popular Platform
  • Zoom - Reliable Video Conferencing
  • Google Meetings - Another Popular Platform

Learn, Streamline And Adapt

Learn, streamline and adapt your workflow process by using these tips, tools and techniques to target user insights…

  • Scope and plan your research. Organise your folder structures
  • Try to facilitate productive and collaborative online meetings
  • Use a headset to free your hands up for taking essential notes

How Do You Present Your Findings?

Microsoft PowerPoint is probably the best way to present your User Research findings to your team and high-level stakeholders.

Whatever you use, make sure slides are clear, simple and easy to digest.

Use Good Tech

Make sure you use good equipment and are on a good connection. There will be problems so just be prepared for anything.

Work In A Nice Environment

Make sure you have your comfortable workspace area and all of the things you need at hand. If you are making zoom or skype video calls make sure you haven't got anything silly in the background.


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