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0 The Business Benefits of User Experience Design

The Business Benefits of User Experience Design

The benefits of UX go beyond improving the interface and the user experience: it benefits end users, developers and their companies.

Satisfied customers are returning customers which lead to increased sales, longer use and more consumption.

Unhappy customers lead to loss in sales due to poor design or the inability to find what they are looking for.


UX influences brand perception.

A bad user experience damages the company brand.

Users who have a bad experience with a brand typically tell others resulting in a reduction in use, customer retention and a bad reputation within the industry.

An investment in UX creates positive experiences surrounding a brand.


UX reduces development and saves time.

Making design changes cost 10x as much during the development phase and 100x as much after release.

80% of all software lifecycle costs occur in the maintenance phase.


Usable systems are more intuitive, require less training and facilitate productive work.

Although efficiency is not always the main issue in the usage of the system it is very important.

If a system is designed to support how users prefer to work and is guided by UX principles it is generally more productive and efficient.

Productivity improvements have the largest impact on work supporting systems.

  • Increases Sales & Consumption
  • Improves Brand Perception
  • Reduces Development Costs
  • Reduces Mantenance Costs
  • Reduces Training Costs
  • Improves Productivity

UX is THE most powerful activity that brands can carry out to answer a range of questions which can be crucial to how their website or application performs.

Questions around user perceptions, user behaviour, business processes, brand perception and customer research can be made through UX engineering.

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