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0 Social Distancing Prompts On The Fly User Research

Social Distancing Prompts On The Fly User Research

Planes, trains and automobiles are all needed to keep us moving.

At this time of writing, lock down restrictions have been enforced, so all are down and not moving anywhere.

The Lock Down Gamble

The governments of the world are taking a gamble by slowly easing lock down restrictions.

On one side they need to get the country back up and running, but on the other they need people to feel safe and secure. They also do not want a dreaded second wave.

We Didn't Know

Little did we know that it was going to be a "microbe" and not a "missle" killing thousands of people around the world. 

Unfortunately due to the lack of insight and preparedness in this area, not one of these companies had a plan for social distancing or have a plan for post lock down recovery.

Some have already fallen by the wayside and more will fall.

Disaster Recovery

It is quite ironic that IT companies have been performing disaster recovery processes for decades, making sure that the data they hold is backed up and safe, just in case a bomb drops.

Nobody had a disaster recovery process for a virus pandemic though.

Living with a virus that has no cure is going to be a challenge for everyone.

Floor stickers, barriers and notices are all there to see these days.

They had to be put up in a short space of time.

The brute force UX they are employing needs to be done because the planes, trains, entrances, walkways, platforms, aisles and queues are not designed for the "new norm".

Companies are having to perform on the fly User Research.



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