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0 Search Results UX Design Pattern Guidelines

Search Results UX Design Pattern Guidelines

The search results page is the prime focus of the search experience.

Use the following rules as a guideline for best practice search results design...

  • Easy access to the search box
  • Search terms clearly indicated at the top
  • Titles should be clickable and clear
  • Visited links should be indicated
  • Pagination units should be block-shaped
  • Related products, tags, or keywords displayed

Enhancements to the search results will result in a better user experience because it helps the user to narrow down and filter the results how they want them.

Add the following rules to your search results design to empower your users...

  • Advanced search options accessible
  • Allow re-sorting or filtering of results
  • Results pages with “subscribe” options
  • Popularity or star-ratings shown for results
  • Options to select number of results per page
  • Monitor for improvements, request feedback


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