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0 Search Box UX Design Pattern Guidelines

Search Box UX Design Pattern Guidelines

The search box is one of the most frequently used design elements on content-heavy websites.

Best practice search box interface design should have a combination of an input field and a submit button within proximity of each opther.

The usability of this UI component is absolutely critical to the user experience.

Search Boxes user interfaces should...

  • Display the search field prominently
  • Always add a magnifying-glass icon to a search box
  • Put the search box where users expect to find it
  • Always provide a button for the search box
  • Clarify what users can search for
  • Put it on every page
  • Use a proper field size
  • Use an auto-suggestion mechanism

 Follow these principles and make search work for users.

Remember that users will have an expectation of a google type experience even if they aren't using google because they use it all the time!


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