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0 How UX Can Influence And Help The Planets Align!

How UX Can Influence And Help The Planets Align!

I have often heard office workers say in surprise "the planets are aligned!" like it is so uncommon.

Like when a big decision is being made and consensus is some kind of miracle.

But it really shouldn't be this way.

It is possible to make sure "the planets are aligned" if you have a shared understanding.

UX influences and helps the planets align! It joke.

Shared Understanding

A new knowledge creation influenced by participation and collaboration and achieved by exchanging individual knowing for group knowing, thus changing from individual perspectives to a joint perspective that emerges from collective contributions.

Basically a shared understanding is both the individual and collective ownership of a new perspective accepted by the group.

Building a shared understanding is not about processes or tools or whether anyone can design or code. Having a shared understanding is about getting everybody to walk in the other person’s shoes for a while. It’s about building respect, vocabulary, and gaining enough insight to build solutions together making a better experience for our users. It’s how we build a good user experience. We seek to understand our users so we observe and study them.

How Does UX Influence And Help Align The Planets?

With a collaborative approach sketch to visualise the problem, build a shared vocabulary and engage in a process of continuous discovery and learning.

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