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0 How To Use Practical Job Mapping To Uncover Unmet Needs

How To Use Practical Job Mapping To Uncover Unmet Needs

So Many Different Users

There may become a time when there are so many different users. You just simply cannot narrow them down to the recommended 5 personas. The users share similar needs and there is little distinction between them making it hard to focus on a main persona. However, you may know what jobs, tasks or goals they need to achieve.

So what can you do instead?

Practical Job Mapping

In Practical Job Mapping there is no single user persona, but instead a job or task executor who goes through specific steps to complete a job, main task or goal.

The job or task executor will perform smaller steps, jobs or tasks in order to complete a main job, task or goal.

It is the smaller steps, outcomes and unmet needs that is the focus of Practical Job Mapping.

You work with the user and go very slowly over every single step they take when trying to achieve the job, main task or goal.

You separate them out into recognisable stepping stones along the job, main task or goal.

When you do this you can find workarounds, unmet needs and opportunities for improvement.

What is important to note is that you should really do this with a few users just to validate the same things are happening at a larger scale with more users.


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