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0 6 Critical Questions To Ask In A Usability Test Questionnaire

6 Critical Questions To Ask In A Usability Test Questionnaire
  1. Attractiveness: Overall impression of the product.
  2. Perspicuity: Is it easy to learn and get familiar with?
  3. Efficiency: Can users solve their tasks with little effort?
  4. Dependability: Does the user feel in control?
  5. Stimulation: Is it exciting and motivating to use?
  6. Novelty: Is the product innovative and creative?

Attractiveness is a pure valence dimension.

Perspicuity, Efficiency and Dependability are pragmatic quality aspects (goal-directed).

Stimulation and Novelty are hedonic quality aspects (not goal-directed).

The best point in time to ask these questions to usability test participants is directly after they finished working on the test tasks.

If participants fill the questionnaire only after they had a lengthy discussion about the product with the person conducting the test, this will influence the results.

The goal is to catch the immediate impression of a user towards a product.

Try to get the answers before you discuss with the participants.

Some of the participants may be unfamiliar with the special item format of the questionnaire.

Mention that this is a scientifically evaluated questionnaire to measure user experience when
you hand it over to the participant.

This will improve the quality and consistency of the answers.

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