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0 10 UX Elements That Rule User Experience Design

10 UX Elements That Rule User Experience Design

A typical user will want all of these elements when performing a task.

It is very important that we design with the user in mind...

1. Familiarity

Accomplishing a goal should be obvious to the user, without confusion or explanation.

2. Responsiveness & Feedback

Micro-tasks should be validated with feedback. Failure to provide appropriate feedback pulls focus away from the goal and forces an intense focus on micro-tasks.

3. Performance

Performance issues indicate a poorly engineered product or technical malfunction.

4. Intuitiveness & Efficiency

The degree to which the process of accomplishing a goal is obvious.

5. Helpfulness

A solution may solve a business problem without considering user needs but in the end will have a negative effect on the business.

6. Relevant, Valuable Content

Well timed, relevant content can increase user satisfaction and drive sales. (e.g. "Things you might also consider" when buying a product is a good example of this).

7. Internal Consistency

The website, application or interface should handle similar tasks in similar ways. Consistent visual design gives the impression of a unified, well-organised, professional product.

8. External Consistency

The visual appearance of a product should indicate its purpose and audience. This is also the case with branding standards.

9. Appropriateness To Context

The use of language or imagery should be appropriate to the context.

10. Trustworthiness

Issues that break engagement also injure the trustworthiness of a product.

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