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0 Virus Causes Spike In User Research Across The Globe

Virus Causes Spike In User Research Across The Globe

Continuing on from my other article "Social Distancing Prompts On The Fly User Research". The "unprecedented" scale of the "COVID-19" "Coronavirus Pandemic" has forced all countries to learn to adapt and live with the "virus", until a "vaccine" is found.

Social Distancing Measures

From 1m to 2m, social distancing guidelines, "guided by the science", have forced businesses to adapt queues, entrances and exits, employ more staff and disinfect premises.

Travel & Leisure

From how people commute on trains, planes and boats, to how people check in at a hotel and go sunbathing on the beach. The "new norm" has caused a massive spike in User Research across the globe.

User Research Opportunities

There should be even more opportunities for User Researchers in the fall out of this pandemic. Companies across the globe will have to adjust and will need User Researchers to improve and provide even more "unique experiences".




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